3Dprint - 25cm
seabalt ? 10cm

Collection of service plates in confrontation between design and applied art
diploma work 2009

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Atelier of Ceramics and Porcelain, Doc.ak.soch. Pavel Knapek


The origin of the topic comes from my last works created last year, when I devoted to composition in bending and folding paper and its utilization in ceramic material in certain aesthetic level. The inspiration comes from Japanese origami and paper engineering which I met during my educational stay in the USA.

The shapes proceed from primary geometrical shapes – circle, triangle, square and rectangle. The target is a game with A4 sheet of paper by means of above mentioned cutting and bending. The target is to increase the dynamics and spontaneous expression in the aesthetic level.

The individual works can be intended as an accessory of a large space, e.g. galleries, conference halls, etc. Or it can be intended as a collection of 4-6 exclusive serving catering plates, completing common assortments for food.


name:    Simona Gleissnerová

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at 5` - 10cm







































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